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EZ Application Manager


The EZ Application Manager is a collection of ready-to-go user interfaces you can integrate into your applications to provide informational, navigational and startup functionality.  

This is a limited support product tested for use through Access 2003.

Product Overview

The EZ Application Manager includes
several file management interfaces including:

  • Splash Screens - Office compatible splash screen templates ready for you to add your logo, product name, etc...Includes: timer events for display and techniques for adding animation
  • About Boxes - Typical About Box with places to add your logo, registration information, etc...Includes error logging and system information
  • System Information - Display information about location and version of Access, linked file paths, current user, etc...
  • First Screen - Guides first time users through setup
  • Tip of the Day - Store an unlimited number of tips and display a random or sequential sequence
  • Legal Agreement - Displays your legal information
  • License Registration - Displays a form for User Name, Company, and License Key
  • Application Switchboards - A collection of different innovative table driven menu systems including Outlook Style, Tree Diagram interfaces, multi-level switchboard for large applications
  • Functions that are table-driven as much as possible to make the software easy to modify and maintain
  • Works as-is with any Access MDB file without any programming yet can be customized to suit a specific application
  • Integrates into your application in minutes
  • Provides ability to easily resize any form

The EZ Application Manager consists of a collection of interfaces which provide ready-to-use functions for application information and startup in an application. There are eight interfaces included with the EZ Application Manager. Each interface is described in further detail below.

Click on the small thumbnail pictures next to each description to view them in larger form.

Splash Screens

Office Compatible Splash Screen Templates ready for you to add your logo, product name, and registration information. Includes all timer events for displaying Splash Screen for a set time. Includes techniques for adding animation to splash screens.

About Boxes

Typical About Box with table driven version information and places to add your logo, product, version, and registration information. Includes same information as the splash screen in a different format. Includes several buttons for technical support and system information.

This pop-up form called from a developerís application displays the following: applicationís name, version number, copyright information, license information, company name, address, and phone number, and buttons for System Information, Technical Support, and Ordering information if the program is a demo. Of course, the form is fully customizable.

System Information

This form when opened will automatically display information about the version of Access running; the location of the current program MDB file, Access, an attached data file; the current user, and the system date and time. The developer can customize this form to include the application name and version.

First Screen

The annoying dialog that is displayed the first time an application is run and you immediately click on the Never show this dialog again button. Used for first time users to guide them through setup.

Tip of the Day

Store an unlimited number of tips and display a random or sequential sequence.

Legal Agreement

Displays you legal mumbo jumbo that your user must acquiesce to. Makes your lawyer happy and lets your users know that you are thinking about them. Requires users to press the I agree button at the end to continue the application.

License Registration

Displays a form for user Name, Organization, and License Key. Once input correctly, the user will never see it again. Several different techniques included for unsecured Access databases.

Application Switchboards

There is a collection of several different contemporary and innovative navigation interfaces called the application switchboards. These complete sets of interfaces are used to control the execution of functions within your application. Several approaches are presented and numerous templates are provided. The switchboards are table driven to provide flexibility put can be modified to be form driven.

Deluxe Application Switchboard                  Tree List Application Switchboard

Sizing Control Functions

Design your forms for one resolution and use these built-in functions to scale your forms when they load based on a different screen resolutions or a user defined scale factor.

Preferences Manager

Every application contains a set of preferences used to determine default values, options, methods for program execution, etc. This interface provides a generic table that will store an unlimited set of preferences, which can be categorized, automatically initialized, and set for general users or specific users. Included are functions that can be called from your application to retrieve, set, and copy values.

What Do You Need to Know to Use the EZ Application Manager?

To use the EZ Application Manager, you must know the basics of Microsoft Access objects and MDB files. You do not need to know how to program in VBA (Access Basic) but you must know how to add a simple button to a form and enter one or two lines of VBA code to the OnClick event of the button.

Return/Support Policy

EZ Tools products are tested for use through Access 2003 and include a 30 day money back guarantee on initial product purchases. Product and version upgrades are non-returnable, non-refundable.

As this is an end of life product, support is limited. Any request for assistance should be sent via email to diana@databasecreations.com. Please include screenshots, code snippets and detailed information on the question/problem so that we can best assist you.



EZ Application Manager - Single  Developer



EZ Application Manager - Site License   $995


EZ Application Manager v1.5:

  • Works with Access 2003, 2002, 2000, 97

  • Includes source code

  • Includes 30 days free email support

  • Use royalty free in your applications


System Requirements:

  • Access 2003, 2002, 2000, or 97

  • Windows Operating System

  • 17MB Free hard disk space

Please Note:  Product downloads are NOT sent immediately.  The credit card information must first be verified and authorized.  Then, an e-mail will be sent which includes the download instructions and unlock key(s) for the software purchased.

The Download shipping method will not add shipping charges to your order, as there will be no physical shipment.  If you would like a disk sent to you, please send an email to sales@databasecreations.com for assistance.

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