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EZ Tools


The EZ Access Developer Tools consists of a suite of eight products you can use to build professional Access applications. Both Access developers and power users will benefit from using this product. Power users will be able to easily integrate our existing interfaces into their own applications with little or no programming required. Additionally, all source code is included so developers can modify anything to fit specific business or customer needs.

This is a limited support product tested for use through Access 2003.


Each product in the EZ Access Developer Suite is developed within Microsoft Access using Microsoft Access objects. Many of the interfaces use VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). No macros are used. Our table driven technology makes the interfaces easy to manipulate and change, even for novice developers or users with little or no programming experience.

We also include professionally written documentation in Adobe .PDF format. The user guide contains chapter for end users and developers. The End User chapters are designed for the end user and provides detailed, easy to understand documentation on how to use each interface. Many pictures are included to help the user understand each part of the interface they are working with.

The Developer chapters are intended for the developer or person integrating the interfaces into an application. It contains more advanced topics on how the interfaces work and steps for integrating the interfaces into your applications.

What You Get

EZ Tools includes the following eight products:
  • EZ Application Manager
  • EZ Security Manager
  • EZ Support Manager
  • EZ File Manager
  • EZ Search Manager
  • EZ Report Manager
  • EZ Extensions
  • EZ Controls
appBuilder/EZ Tools Comparison
EZ Tools Suite appBuilder
  • Contains over 200 components 
  • Includes source code for all components
  • Manually add components to your application
  • Contains 40 selected components from the Suite
  • Includes source code for all components
  • Includes an Application Generator Wizard that guides you through building an application shell
  • Includes a Menu Editor Wizard that easily creates and edit menus
  • Includes FREE Checkwriter program
Product Overview

EZ Report Manager

The EZ Report Manager helps manage your Microsoft Access reports. It enables you to save the selected settings for any report you have created so you may print these reports in the future without having to reenter information. You can even edit the saved settings or use the settings as a starting point for a new report definition.

  • Define, organize, and categorize your reports
  • Reuse a report design unlimited times
  • Specify different date and criteria selections
  • Select specific dates (11/1/02 - 9/30/03) or dynamic dates - (Last Quarter, Next Week, Year to Date, etc)
  • Print detail or summary reports
  • Add optional titles to your reports
  • Display reports to the screen or to a printer
  • Select a different number of copies for each report - print all reports at once
  • Group reports with different date selections to print together
  • Queue and print individual reports or groups of reports together
  • Print report groups and individual reports together
  • Doesn't create reports, but manages the ones you create

Learn more about the EZ Report Manager

EZ Search Manager

The EZ Search Manager provides great user interfaces and search engines you can easily integrate into any Microsoft Access application. Using the SmartSearch™ dialog with our table-driven technology, you define searches without programming. Include our Advanced Search engine in your application so your users can create and save their own searches as well.

  • Works as-is with any table or query without any programming
  • Creates flexible ready-to-run interfaces to handle any custom search
  • Saves and retrieves frequently used searches
  • Creates complex queries with no SQL or query knowledge
  • Includes three unique search engines with developer and user friendly interfaces: SmartSearch™, FlexSearch™, and Advanced Search
  • Search engines are based on tables and can search single or multiple fields. They can return actual records, a filter statement, or a modified row source
  • Handles all syntax for searches, criteria, and sorted data display
  • Select one or more list/combo box items by first letter selection
  • Date selection can use pop-up calendars or dynamic date ranges (This Week, Next Quarter, Last Month, etc)
  • Even more than Query by Form - The Next Generation

Learn more about the EZ Search Manager

EZ File Manager

Ready to use interfaces to manage file based operations in your applications. This collection of file management dialogs and techniques will add value to any application. Each is completely written in Microsoft Access. A few of the interfaces included with the EZ File Manager are:

  • Attachment Manager - manages data attachment through SmartAttach dialogs using table driven technology. Includes interfaces for Multi-file and Multi-locations.

  • Archive Manager - Copy old or unwanted records and delete them after successfully archiving. Managed through table driven queries and SQL statements.

  • File Utilities - Ready-to-run form for Backup, File Repair, File Compression, Compiling, and creating Upgrade Databases

  • Compare/Patch Manager - Compares two Access databases and optionally creates a third containing the changed objects. Can be used to update an application that has been modified using the Patch Installer.

Learn more about the EZ File Manager

EZ Application Manager

Give your applications informational, navigational, and startup functionality.

  • Splash Screens - Office compatible splash screen templates ready for you to add your logo, product name, etc.. Includes timer events for display and techniques for adding animation
  • About Boxes - Typical About Box with places to add your logo, registration information, etc. Includes error logging and system information
  • System Information - Displays information about location and version of Access, linked file paths, current user, etc.
  • First Screen - Guides first time users through setup
  • Tip of the Day - Store an unlimited number of tips and display a random or sequential sequence
  • Legal Agreement - Displays your legal information
  • License Registration - Displays a form for User Name, Company and License Key
  • Application Switchboards - A collection of different innovative table driven menu systems including Outlook Style, Tree Diagram Interfaces and Multi-level Switchboard for large applications
  • Resize any form in Access

Learn more about the EZ Application Manager

EZ Support Interfaces

The EZ Support Manager contains a variety of interfaces that add technical support, help and problem solving functionality to your applications. Our demo system also makes creating product demos a snap.

  • Access table driven help system
  • HTML based help system
  • Wizard template with general controls and layout to create wizards for your applications
  • Error Display Dialog provides useful information when a problem occurs in an application
  • Demo System provides an easy method to create, organize and control your demo

Learn more about EZ Support Interfaces

EZ Security Manager

EZ Security Manager gives the developer new security functionality that goes beyond the Access security system.

  • Security On/Off Function, Security Warning On/Off Function, Audit Log On/Off Function
  • Log On/Change Password Form
  • Current User functions for Win95, Win98, WinNT, Access Workgroup Security, EZ Security
  • User and User Group Management
  • Security level control for forms and reports
  • Security capability for controls on forms and reports including options for no access, read/write, read only.
  • Permissions of forms by no access, read only, edit, append, delete
  • All interfaces are easy to integrate into your applications
  • Tables are used extensively to drive the interfaces to make customization easy and flexible

Learn more about the EZ Security Manager

EZ Extensions

EZ Extensions is a collection of of pre-designed forms, reports and interfaces that are ready-to-go with no additional programming. Just link these objects to your application and save hours of programming time.

  • Event Scheduler wizard enters tasks, schedules, meetings, appointments, etc..
  • Event Processor processes events at certain dates and times and can display messages or run programs, macros, queries or other functions
  • Calendar reports print daily, weekly and monthly calendars from a table of events
  • Digital clocks, pop-up calendars, and time clocks allow users to enter or select time and dates
  • Geographic drill downs include maps and bar charts that can be used to drill down from summarized to detail data
  • Also included are containers, hour glasses and message boxes

Learn more about EZ Extensions

EZ Controls

A collection of controls that can be added to forms in your application. All controls are created using MS Access and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) for easy customization. Doesn't contain any .OCX or ActiveX controls.

  • Graphical tabbed dialogs enhance the look and functionality of Access tab dialogs
  • Morphing subform techniques and tricks for using overlayed subforms
  • Drag & Drop items from list to list
  • Animated yes/no switches and toggle buttons
  • Ready to use buttons with calls to calendars, calculators and file open/save dialogs
  • Many more controls including animated text and graphics, progress meters, sliders and spin buttons, simple bar graph, simple gauges, clocks, and animated toggle buttons

Learn more about EZ Controls

Return/Support Policy

EZ Tools products are tested for use through Access 2003 and include a 30 day money back guarantee on initial product purchases. Product and version upgrades are non-returnable, non-refundable.

As this is an end of life product, support is limited. Any request for assistance should be sent via email to diana@databasecreations.com. Please include screenshots, code snippets and detailed information on the question/problem so that we can best assist you.


Pricing                             upgrade pricing

EZ Tools - Single  Developer



EZ Tools - Site License



appBuilder/EZ Tools Combo - Single Developer



appBuilder/EZ Tools Combo - Site License



EZ Tools/appBuilder v1.5 Upgrade (from v1.4 or earlier)   $99
appBuilder/EZ Tools v1.5a UPGRADE (from v1.5)   $49.95


EZ Tools v1.5:

  • Works with Access 2003, 2002, 2000, 97

  • Includes source code

  • Includes 30 days free email support

  • Use royalty free in your applications


System Requirements:

  • Access 2003, 2002, 2000, or 97

  • Windows Operating System

  • 100MB Free hard disk space

Please Note:
  Product downloads are NOT sent immediately.  The credit card information must first be verified and authorized.  Then, an e-mail will be sent which includes the download instructions and unlock key(s) for the software purchased.

The Download shipping method will not add shipping charges to your order, as there will be no physical shipment.  If you would like a disk sent to you, please send an email to sales@databasecreations.com for assistance.

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